The Honeymoon (work in progress)

The following is the concept and initial draft phase of the short story. It’s dirty, rough, full of errors and mistakes and all the raw goodness of a first draft. The final story will vary in layout, structure, and edits. This page (and all links) are meant to illustrate the process and thoughts going into crafting the story.

What was meant to be the perfect honeymoon, ends up to be trip through hell–filled with drug-mobsters and dead-beat step-brothers.

The Scoop — (Update 1)

Setting The Stage

The Cast

Go behind the scenes

Act 1 — Wedding Crasher 

Writer Emergency Pack by Quote-Unquote Press


Scene 1 — Sarah Goes For Broke

Scene 2 — Nathan Plays Big

Scene 3 — Mitch Makes A Deal

Scene 4 — Sarah Gets Ready

Scene 5 — Nathan Makes A Call

Scene 6 — Mitch Is Committed

The Tilt

Act 2 — Runaway Bride

Fiasco by Bully Pulpit Games


Scene 7 — Sarah Takes Charge

Scene 8 — Mitch Slips Up

Scene 9 — Nathan Comes Through

Scene 10 — Nathan Switches Sides

Scene 11 — Mitch Goes Too Far

Scene 12 — Sarah Moves On

The Aftermath

Support me and consider purchasing the final Novella! Get the final conclusion of the the story with three extra scenes—the Aftermath!

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*New Scene every Wednesday.

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