Writer Emergency Fiasco — Update 1

After scouting the depths of the world wide inter webs, I’ve stumbled upon a playset I might be using–found over at http://fiascoplaysets.com/ While I like two out of three basic sets, I wasn’t quite happy with them for my project. So, here we go instead:

Road Kill by Christine Roth

Fiasco – Roadklill by Christine Roth

The plan went alright up to now. You went for it, got what you wanted (you did, didn’t you!?) and left. Now the road is the place to be, putting some distance between the things that happened and yourself, hopefully on your way to a better life. But can you really trust your “friends”?

The playset says it’s inspired by movies such as: Thelma And Louise; From Dusk Till Dawn; True Romance; Natural Born Killers; Stand By Me; Heartbreakers; Kleine Haie; O Brother, Where Art Thou; Planes, Trains and Automobiles–and the TV Show Breaking Bad.
Looks to me like a lot of fun.
Any thoughts?

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