The Honeymoon — The Tilt (Or: What else can go wrong?)

The first half of The Honeymoon is over. If you ever even heard of the game Fiasco (upon which this narrative is based), you know that this is the point when things really go bad for everyone involved.

The Tilt.

This is the point when I roll a bunch of dice again, and use them to pick items from the tilt table.

For this, I prepared a quick video, so you can watch me picking out the two elements in real time.

To sum it up, I ended up picking the following elements:

Mayhem -> Magnificent Self-Destruction


Guilt -> Someone Develops A Conscience

Honestly, I was very surprised that, when I had to choose between Collateral Damage and the Conscience option, I ended up with the latter. Usually, Collateral is always a fun thing to include in a story like this. But something in my mind wanted to see one of the characters developing a Conscience and pulling back last minute, ruining everything. It seems like Nathan should be the one for that option, solely based on current developed character traits. But who knows. Things might end up different, after all.

And as far as the Self-Destruction is concerned… So many images come to mind, all leading from the current state of the narrative. The second I saw that I rolled a 1, I knew that Mayhem has to be an option. I’m very excited about that one.

Six more scenes to go with those two elements in mind. And don’t forget the Writer Emergency Pack, which will continue to switch things up from scene to scene.

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