The Cast (Writer Emergency Fiasco)

I’ve written up a short blurb about each of the three characters, and where they’re standing before we jump into the narrative. This will allow me to reference they’re potential ambitions and mindsets once I use the Writer Emergency Pack, since it often refers to “What would the hero do, if” to trigger new ideas and move things in unexpected directions.

Also, I’ve written up the first draft of an outline for Act 1 (six scenes), which is a rough outline for the first half of the narrative, before things get really out of hand. Stay tuned for that.


Sarah Robertson-Riley grew up in a semi-functional household. It worked, in its way, but things have never been normal for her. First, her mother ran off with Jimmy from the grocery store, leaving her and her father to figure stuff out. While daddy worked (twelve hour shifts, usually), Sarah took care of the house, groceries, and food. When daddy remarried, Sarah was thrilled to have another woman in the house to help, and a new brother, Nathan, to bring in some extra cash. Joke’s one her, though. Nate is one of those dead-bead loser sort of assholes, that smokes a lot of weed and dabbles on the bottom of the drug-food-chain to make some money he only ends up spending on more dope. But at least she met Mitch Riley through him—his best friend and her newly wedded husband. And her new stepmom is alright, too. All she wants, before settling in virtually the same life she’s been living since mom died, just now with a husband and future children, is to live out life in its fullest. Just once. Big honeymoon. Away from all this small-town country life. And Mitch promised her just that—the biggest and bestest honeymoon she could ever dream off.


Life’s one easy-peasy ride for Nathan Robertson. His new stepdad brought in enough dough so Nate never bothered finding a real job. Sure, he worked at the McDonald’s across the highway for a bit, but got fired shortly after starting. Same at the grocery store. And the gas station. His mom and stepdad kicked him out a while back, saying that he better get his head out of his sorry ass and into the game. Whatever that means. They don’t understand. Nathan’s going to make it big. He’s not just some drug-addled loser—no, not Nathan. He’s also part of the supply chain. A real entrepreneur. He lives with his best friend forever Mitchell Riley—the dude that’s getting hitched to his step-sister. You are welcome, sis. Mitch’s also his business partner. And because Nate is such a good man, he’s helping Mitch to get the cash needed for that big honeymoon he promised Sarah. All they need to do is deliver a case with a bunch of cocaine to a dude outside of town. Sure, it’s on the wedding day—but in the morning. The wedding is at noon! And he ain’t allowed to see the bride before it anyways, right? Tradition is tradition. Nate didn’t make the rules.


In his own mind, Mitch Riley’s been the cool kid in the school. In most-everyone else’s mind he’s been just some geek in leather jacket two sizes too big for him, and a beater of a car gone from vintage to sour, like good wine to vinegar. But he doesn’t mind. He’s got a cute girl to marry, his best buddy becoming his step-bro-in-law, and is one job away from making it big in the drug business. For all he cares, he’s living the american dream, baby. Self-employed, free, married and successful. The marriage to him is really more of a convenience. It’s not like Sarah is bad to look at or anything, but this whole settling-down-thing’s never been his choice of a lifestyle. But hey, she makes one hell of an omelette to wake up to. And once his drug-business together with Nate takes off for real, he’s sort of bound to this place, anyways. Might as well hook up with a hot chick to take care of him and his needs.

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