Hello World

Been a while, hasn’t it? Six years have gone since last I posted anything. But, just because I was quiet here, doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything.

My creative endeavors over the last half-decade or so just switched focus a little. A lot, maybe. Started playing a lot of tabletop RPGs again–on and off screen. Well, off screen until that thing happened that’s still happening and probably won’t stop happening until people get their heads out of their… but I digress.

So, instead of “writing,” I’ve been “creating” in the form of running creative games with focus on narrative and story and all that stuff. All done for other people, the players. We played way too much D&D, but also some actual good games, and we still are exploring and creating together.

But–and that’s a long-time-coming sort of but–I feel like channeling some of that energy back into creating just for me. Writing fiction.

So here I am. Again.

I’m hoping to do some changes around here in the coming weeks. Reinvent myself in this space I’ve kept running in the background for the last six years, and start putting myself out there again.

NaNo ’22 is coming up. Maybe there’s something there.

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