Women In Tech: The Book

Anyone following me on this blog for a while might have already noticed that I’m a feminist, ally, and supporter of equality for women in [any] industry.

So. To that end, here’s a quick shout-out for a Kickstarter I just stumbled upon, that I consider worth while. It only has a few more days left, and still needs a few more cash-units to succeed. It features some of the tech-worlds strongest women, all of which battling a constant fight against cultural bias, where the general opinion is that women don’t quite fit in the industry. I like how, in the video, the founder, Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack, says that she doesn’t believe she’s fighting against a war on women (or some such thing), but rather the bias and general conception I just mentioned.

It’s an honest statement. It’s optimistic. It’s not a battle-cry against men, like it sometimes is made out to be.

Consider helping out and show your support for Women In Tech.

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