Women In Tech: The Book

Anyone following me on this blog for a while might have already noticed that I’m a feminist, ally, and supporter of equality for women in [any] industry.

So. To that end, here’s a quick shout-out for a Kickstarter I just stumbled upon, that I consider worth while. It only has a few more days left, and still needs a few more cash-units to succeed. It features some of the tech-worlds strongest women, all of which battling a constant fight against cultural bias, where the general opinion is that women don’t quite fit in the industry. I like how, in the video, the founder, Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack, says that she doesn’t believe she’s fighting against a war on women (or some such thing), but rather the bias and general conception I just mentioned.

It’s an honest statement. It’s optimistic. It’s not a battle-cry against men, like it sometimes is made out to be.

Consider helping out and show your support for Women In Tech.

Finish Line (Or: Writing A Book Is Exciting)


I’m this close to finishing the first draft of my Urban (dark) Fantasy novel, creatively working-titled “Keeper’s Legends”

I need to wrap up half a chapter, and rework another one completely. As of right now, though, I’m hovering around 80,678 words (~431 manuscript pages).Read More »

Please consider checking out my Patreon Campaign

I’m running a Patreon Campaign to raise funds and support for my writing. Through this, I’m hoping to reach out to my audience and ask for help in my transition from hobby writer to paid indie author.

The nature of Patreon is an amazing concept, where you, the audience, can pledge to donate a small amount (as small as you want to go) for every piece of content I release. You can also set a monthly maximum to make sure you won’t ever pay more than you want per month.

Think of it as an ongoing kickstarter or indiegogo campaign, but instead of pledging one big amount for one single project, you’re supporting artists and creators like myself with a little bit of money at a time.

While all my current blog-content will still be free, and your donations aren’t paying for the writing, but support me as the writer, I have a few plans for exclusive content in the future.

This will include excerpts and behind the scenes of my current (and any future) novel project. I will call out for test-readers once I will move into the editing phase, and my patrons will be my first choice of test readers. And of course, anybody pledging to support me will get any future work for free, or for extremely discounted prices.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, and no pledge will be processed before the end of month, meaning you can even cancel donations already pledged before the month is over.

It’s an amazing thing for up-and-coming artists like myself, connecting me directly with you, the audience, without any publishers or other walls in the way.


By The Way — Week In Review

It’s been a week since I started to build myself a stronger platform for my writing. But before that even, I started the Writer Emergency Fiasco, where I combine to amazing elements (Fiasco and the Writer Emergency Deck) to create a random and interesting narrative, which is now half-way through it’s first act.

Shortly after, I’ve started my Patreon Campaign, where I’m asking for support from my audience during my transition from hobby writer to full-time independent author.

And to get there, I’ve started a Facebook page and worked on promoting that thing through friends and family, which has brought me over 135 likes to that page as of writing this.

I also recorded a terrible, but in-the-moment sort of attempt at a podcast, which I might or might not expand upon. I have some ideas for shorter segments, so let’s wait and see. And I recorded and budget-less produced a lyric video for one of my shorter, but emotionally stronger poems, Hibernation.

All that in one week. I also continued with my Writer Emergency Fiasco (and you can expect a new behind the scenes post tomorrow for scene 4), and wrote several thousand words for my as of yet untitled novel (of which you can read a demo chapter if you choose to support me even $1 per month on my patreon page).

So what is next? Read More »

Exclusive Demo Chapter

I’ve just published a full chapter of my upcoming Urbane (Dark) Fantasy book for all of my Patrons supporting me at www.patreon.com/untraum

Sign up for as little as $1, show your love and support for me as a starting author, and get an exclusive, early look at my biggest project, yet.

(The chapter is offered as .pdf, and only visible to patrons on my patreon campagin page.)

Also, for those of you receiving email notifications for my blog, ignore the recent new-post notification regarding Behind The Scenes Act 1 Scene 4, that only says Bla bla bla in the content. I prepared Monday’s post for the next scene, and hit publish instead of save. So. There. Derp.

Become a Backer of my Patreon Campaign, and find your Name (and link to your web-space) on this very wall.