Behind The Scenes (After) Act 1 Scene 5 (The Honeymoon)

Card 02The first act of “The Honeymoon” is almost complete.

I felt like a lot would rest on this scene. First, it’s the last present-time scene before act 2, and secondly, I needed to get the cast back together to keep their relationships and dynamics interesting for the next part. Drawing the Fight The Giant card just added to that pressure, since I had to now bring the fight right to the characters.

I think my solution worked out well, leaving enough tension for the next part. The next scene will be right at the wedding–so, when one would read the story in one single go, one would read about Sarah potentially getting shot, and moving straight into what is supposed to be a happy moment in her life. Not the worst way of structuring a narrative, I’d say.

In this scene, I wanted to give Nathan a lot of drive to try and fix things. He could have just as well taken off and hope it all blows over. Instead, he’s trying to what he believes is the right thing. Which, of course, makes everything a lot worse for everyone involved.

Card 21

One more scene to go, and the first act is over. Once that happens, I’ll introduce two bad elements by rolling on the tilt table. I don’t yet know what that will entail, but know that it will be very bad indeed.

But first, let’s take a quick look at next week’s card and start thinking about how this will affect Mitch and Sarah’s wedding.

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