Thoughts & Outline for Act I

Act I

Scene 01 — Sarah (White (Good Outcome))

NOW — Sarah and Nathan are in a car crash. They’ve driven the car right off the road. It’s riddled with bullets, glass is broken out, something’s on fire. With them: a case full of drugs. No Mitch in sight. Behind them: engines coming closer. Sirens in the distance. But they’re in no immediate danger. For now. She manages to grab the case, and together with her hated brother-in-law starts to get moving away from the road.

Scene 02 — Nathan (Black (Bad Outcome))

ONE DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING — Nathan and Mitch are in a strip club, drinking, snorting, having fun. One day until the wedding–one last day as free man–everything’s perfect. Just one more big delivery (2kg of cocaine), split between the two, and the honeymoon will be one she’ll never forget. Drop off the case in the morning, be ready for the wedding at noon. Too bad they’re partying so hard, they’ll sleep in.

Scene 03 — Mitch (White (Good Outcome))

NOW — Mitch’s held hostage by the bad guys, beaten to pulp by the drug-lord. They want to know where the case is. The case his new wife and her fucking step-brother stole from him. But he somehow convinces them to NOT kill him, and taking him with them instead. Because he can talk to them, help to get the drugs back.

Scene 04 — Sarah (Black (Bad Outcome))

ONE HOUR BEFORE THE WEDDING — Bridesmaids; stomach cramps; hot-flashes; step-mother yapping in her ear;too-tight but perfect dress–she can’t wait until all this is over and her and Mitch are on their way to the airport. Honeymoon, baby! She hates that her dead-beat step-brother drives them, but Mitch is right: it’s cheaper that way. So, when Nate comes storming through the door (where some maids are not even fully dressed, and one’s flirting with him because of it), telling her that all is good and everything’s under control, she starts to panic for real.

Scene 05 — Nathan (Black (Bad Outcome))

NOW — Him and Sarah running away from the scene. They can’t outrun cars on the road, but off-road, with its rocks and boulders, they might stand a chance to hide. They’re dragging the case with them, and it feels heavier by the minute. And of course they argue. One of them will end up knocking out the other, while the people chasing them begin to catch up on foot.

Scene 06 — Mitch (White (Good Outcome))

WEDDING-DAY; NOON — He barely made it to the wedding. His own fucking wedding. Damn future step-bro-in-law got them so drunk, they slept in. He wears a tux, but his hair is all over the place, his face sporting a patchy five-o-clock shadow. And he stinks. She looks beautiful, and, in contrast to the classic organ-wedding-theme, furious. They have a little whisper chat before the ceremony, where he needs to find a way to explain to her that they need to make a detour before the airport to drop something off. He smiles. Best-man Nathan next to him winks. The priest wants to begin. Mitch makes her smile–it’s her wedding after all! And 2K of drugs are waiting to be delivered–already late. What a Fiasco…

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