The Honeymoon; Act 2, Scene 12 — Sarah Moves On

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The duffle bag on the table sits between us like the elephant in the room it really is.

He’s wearing a cheap suit. Hair’s slicked back, skin’s clean shaven. Mirror-shades–indoors. What kind of jerk wears sunglasses inside a dark motel room?

“You just gonna stare at it,” I say. “Go ahead, check it out.” I nod towards the bag and lean back in my chair.

His upper lip twitches for a second, but then he pulls the bag closer, sliding it over the old plastic table. I shift awkwardly, trying to keep it cool, but I’m sure my being nervous shows, still. Especially with the two armed thugs guarding the motel door.

How is it I keep ending up in a place like that?Read More »

Behind The Scenes (Before) Act 2 Scene 12 (The Honeymoon)

Previously, the story ended with a cliffhanger. Did Sarah shoot Mitch? What happened to Nathan?

Not much left to do in the narrative but to wrap it up with one last scene. Sarah’s scene. I have thought about different ways to make this last one special in some way. For example, instead of drawing a random card, I was thinking about adding up the numbers of all the previous cards (including repeats), and getting the average number from that (which rounds up to 12), using that card for this scene. Sort of seeing where all the cards so far would have me end up.

Doing that, I got card #12 — Stack Of Needles. The card wants me to overwhelm the hero with too much. I liked that idea. But just for the hell of it, I also drew a random card.

And ended up going with it, instead:Read More »

Behind The Scenes (After) Act 2 Scene 11 (The Honeymoon)

Last Week’s card made me explore the possibility of a main character dying, or have other characters believe that he’s dead.

What the exercises on the card #13 Kill The Hero missed in my opinion is looking at the option of having the reader think the character dies. When that occurred to me, I knew I had to end the last scene with just that sort of thought: a cliffhanger; a gunshot that might or might not kill the hero. So I did.Read More »

The Honeymoon; Act 2, Scene 11 — Mitch Goes Too Far

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Sarah’s face is that of an angel fallen from grace. Mad, drenched in fury, beautifully spiteful. But as hot as this whole renegade bride-turned-criminal thing is on her, the fact that she left me behind to die when the Lost Boys showed up makes me want to strangle her right here, right now.

I look her in the eyes, holding my pistol a little obvious next to my face to underline who’s in charge here, and say, “Get back in the fucking car.”


“I said, get in the car. Now.” She listens without another word, and we get back. The Knuckle is still sitting by himself in pain, and Nathan’s as nervous as always. “Drive,” I say. The gun still in everyone’s sight. This is my show now.

That’s not what Harris is expecting, of course. The only reason I’m still alive isRead More »