NaNoWriMo 2015 — 30 Days Later

Today is December 1.

That means NaNoWriMo is now over.

Over the past month, I’ve written some updates on my progress during this annual November challenge to write 50,000 words. Mostly anecdotal stuff, nothing special. More like pouring out some thoughts on my current state. Let me now take some time getting into the meat of what that month was like for me.Read More »

NaNoWriMo 2015 — Every Word Counts

I wrote a thing for my local NaNoWriMo group’s website. Just submitted it to the moderator/editor of guest posts, but I figured I can share the same thing here. It’s about word count and personal pacing from newcomer’s perspective.

Personal pacing matters.Read More »

NaNoWriMo 2015 — Update

One week from from now, NaNo officially starts.

I have joined the local (Calgary) NaNo group and hung out with some of them during a newcomer event, as well as a kickoff event. Next Saturday, the 31st, we’ll meet around 10pm for coffee and sugar, and start writing together comes midnight.

I’ve always found the notion of writing together a little weird—what with everyone sitting there together to be alone. But groups like this all over the (NaNo) world are doing this every year, so there must be something to it, no? I’m sure it’ll be fun.

We’ll be writing for about two hours until 1am—hang on, you say? Shouldn’t that be 2am? We’re turning the clocks back this weekend up here in the great wasteland of Canadia, so: fooled you!

So, have I prepared at all, you wonder? Indeed, I did. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ll most likely be picking up a piece of flash fiction to turn it into a novel. The Drop, it was called, which will probably be the title for the first part in the story. Of course, some things will change. Character names will change, as well as the details of their current mission (who their clients are).

I also Read More »

In Preparation For Act 2 — The Honeymoon: Structure and Outline

Any writing projects comes with its challenges, and often, as the writer tries to figure out interesting ways to deal with all those challenges, sometimes ideas that seemed neat at the time, end up not working out so well.

In the case of The Honeymoon, I’m now facing the ugly truth that the original structure is not working as well as I’d hoped. Which is why it’s time to (drumroll)…Read More »

Thoughts & Outline for Act I

Edit: If you want to know what this is all about, follow me to the very beginning, where I lay out the concept that brought this outline.

Now that we have established the characters, their relationships to each other, and some background for each of them, it’s time to think about the actual story.

Normally in Fiasco, the player that grew up in the smallest town would go first (I know, right), establishing or resolving a scene with their character in focus, receiving a black or white die at the end of it (depending on a “good” or “bad” outcome for their character), and handing the focus off to the next player. Everyone gets to act twice as main character in the scene, while they may stand in as supporting character in other player’s scene, either as their own character, or as random NPC to flesh out the narrative.

Since I’m doing this all by myself, I simply chose who gets to go first, and no picking and choosing of dice needs to happen. Based on my initial thoughts, I decided whether a scene ends good or bad for that character, giving it a black or white tag. In the actual Fiasco game, during act 1, each players receives a die, but has to give it to another player (in act 2, each player keeps their dice as they get them). I’m thinking of ways to establish a distribution to allow for each character to end up with a number of black and white dice at the very end to be able to roll on the Aftermath Table. I might, if enough interest arises, run a poll at the end for each scene to see what you think each character should have received at the end of that scene. Or some-such thing.

Anyways…Read More »