NaNoWriMo 2015 — Day 12 And The Endless Abyss Of Words

I said I would finish the 30k by last Sunday.

Well, no.

And that’s okay. It is, really. Let me illustrate something here.


This is my current (Nov 12, 8am) word count graph as presented by the NaNoWriMo site. As you can see, I started off strong, but then puttered along for almost a week with some good days, some really bad days.

But there, at day 7, a massive spike in words.

Looking at the graph, you can see exactly which days I worked my day job. And you can see when I had time to give her my best. The increase at the end of the first week feels really good to see visualized. Yeah, I didn’t hit my personal goal of 30,000 and the end of part 2 as I planned, but I did amazingly well, regardless. Day 7, I wrote something over 6,000 words, which is my second best writing day to date (the best day being Nov 1, when I hit over 10,000).

So, I see no reason to be discouraged. I’m still way ahead of the game. Part 2 is almost done. Got my wanna-be heroes where I want them to be for it, and all I need now is a chapter to take away all hope for them. So they’re ready for part 3, which has a forecast of slight showers of gloom with high-pressure rise in anxiety.

PS: I’m planing on creating some sort of simple spreadsheet to but my process into even more and prettiererst graphs and tables. Unless someone knows of a site that does that for you by simply entering one’s NaNo name? Let me know.

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