NaNoWriMo 2015 — Day 13

Friday 13th, to be exact.

I’m at something over 34k of words now. And I finally—finally—finished part 2. And I’m only 4,000 words over what I planned!

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“Who is this guy? And why is he yelling at me?”

My initial idea was to spend something around 20k words on part 2. And after finishing part one, a planned 10k, with only a few hundred over, I thought this will be the same.

But it wasn’t Ha. Ho.

I know of a few places where I talk too much. Give some characters more knowledge than is necessary for the story. All that can be cut. Not down to 20k, I don’t think so. But all in all, I think this will end up being a lot closer to what I wanted it to be.

I’m just glad I pushed past it. I thought I wouldn’t be able to, really. Things just kept popping up. Characters doing stupid things without asking me prior. But all of it made sense for a more cohesive experience, I suppose. So.


I’m thinking of sharing some stuff right from inside the dungeon—err I mean file that contains the story.

Maybe I prep something this weekend. Don’t count on it, but get excited regardless.

And let me know how your NaNo is going! Let’s exchange words over words of words about words, yes?

Keep on keeping on.

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