The Female Perspective: Mark Ruffalo and Feminism – Joy!

Excellent read. I just recently got into an argument with a young man about the concept of using labels like feminism, and that that just creates devices and whatnot. Tried explain to him that, if we don’t name things, we’re not communicating. Why it’s important to call yourself a feminist when you believe in everything it stands for. Without the label, there is no conversation.

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I’ve been a fan of Ruffalo’s since “The Kids Are Alright,” it’s a good movie and he’s fun to watch in it. Then he played the Hulk in “The Avengers” movies and I liked him even more.  Yesterday was the day that my casual like of the actor turned to adoration.

All because of a simple Tumblr post.

Ruffalo is no stranger to standing up to feminism, he’s made comments here and there about the fact that girls need superhero toys too (having daughters…

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