Still alive and kicking — Updates on me and my work

Blogging sucks.

There. I said it. Social media his hard. Keeping up, responding, interacting, being part, yadda yadda. Can’t do it for long. Don’t want to.

However, once in a while, I believe it’s worth poking my head out of my hole again and let y’all know what’s going on.


What inspired me to start writing this today is a dude name Daniel. He sent me a kind message, inquiring about my Novella “Honeymoon” and so on.

He wanted to know what my process was during writing it, how I used the tools I had (Fiasco, the Writer Emergency Card). Since I went into an exclusive deal Amazon to sell my novella online, I had to remove all other digital copies of it, which included the raw first draft I wrote week by week here on the blog.

While it gave me a few perks, I wasn’t too happy with the deal after a while. Maybe it works for better exposed authors, or at least those with more than one or two published works. For me, it did nothing.

So, after the 90 day run of the deal, I took my novella out of it. That means I can now do whatever I want with it online. Which is why you can now read the work-in-progress posts once again!



Read the process. Take a lesson or two from it. Let me know what you think. Tell me what sucks, what blows, what could be better. Tell me what you love. What it’s worth to you that I did that, that I illuminated my process in writing Honeymoon.

And if you like it, love it, want more of it, go to Amazon or Kobo, and get yourself a copy for as little as 99 cents. Not only do you get the fully revised, edited, formatted, and beatified novella, you get an extra 3 (THREE!) scenes that wrap up the story fully, tying a pretty bow on the blood-soaked carcass of the main characters.

Awesome, no?

Thrilled To Let You Know…

…I’m working on a thriller. It’s in its rough conception phase. A story that’s trying to explore themes like male rape, radical cult-like religious fanatics, sex addiction, racism, and so on. Not much is there to shine a light on. Four characters, all connected through rough events, but their stories separated in time.

Stay tuned for more information as the outline and text comes together.

Keeper’s Legend — Champion’s Trials

This one I’ve been talking about for a while now. And for a while now, I’ve been sitting on the ugly first draft of it. Full-length novel, a somewhat coherent plot. But it has a lot of issues. One of the bad guys, for example, undergoes an awesome transformation throughout the storey which is connected to her past. But I don’t develop the steps well, and it seems all a little superficial at the time of reading it. Fixing it will shift some chapters to a completely different focus. A lot of work. But—


It will get better. The book is split into five parts. I overhauled part one with a red marker and a lot of sticky notes. Once I get to rewrite the part as I want, I might look for proof-of-concept readers for either that part, of even the whole thing.


This is newest of my babies. A fantasy story in the likes of Dungeons and Dragons, The Witcher, and so on. Here is what I had to say about it on my Facebook page:

During my quiet online presence, I’ve begun working on a more ambitious project, which I can cut into decent bits and pieces to make it manageable. Without wanting to give away too much, it’s a series of EPIC FANTASY (which happens to be the working title), following a band of unlikely heroes embarking on a dark and gritty quest throughout their world, facing off against corrupt regimes, dangerous magic, and ancient races long forgotten.

Fantasy is a genre I’ve always enjoyed in the video game space, but never really got much from in other formats, such as books, tabletop games, movies. But I can see the potential for me to truly create something that is mine—from the world itself, with its magic and wonders, secrets and politics, to the traits of the characters living in that world, their abilities, creeds, magic, and heritage. 

My current understanding of the outline breaks into either five or six* shorter books (novella size), which will complete each other to one full-length epic. Each book will (most likely) be following one of the five or six* characters, as they continue on their quest. Not every character will be part of every book for various reason.

Maybe in the future, I will outline a few plot points, story bits, character details, and narrative pitches. Perhaps you’ll also get to see a first glimpse in form of excerpts. But that’s still not decided on, as of yet.

Stay tuned.

*I have ideas for six characters, but may not pick them all to write out the story. It’ll depend on plot details as they emerge.

So. There. See where that takes me. What I don’t want to do with this is create a full-fletched fantasy world ala Tolkien. Whatever elements of the world matter should come through in the narrative itself. I want this whole thing closer, let it all explore through the characters. No preface for exposition (you know: “In the beginning, we tell you all you need to know before you get to know the characters”). No maps. Everything that makes the world live and breath should be important to the story as it’s told, to the narrative of the characters personal journey, and so on.

And that is all for now.


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