Debut Release, Now What?

Recently, I published my very first, official, release, Honeymoon: A Novella on the internet, exclusively for Amazon Kindle (many factors went into that decision), and things have gone pretty quiet around here.


Because I was busy with a few things.

1. Print-To-Order of Honeymoon: A Novella. A partner of Amazon, CreateSpace, offers a print to order service for independent publishers/authors, such as myself. They let you submit your formatted manuscript and your cover art, and if it meets their standards, they will put your book up for sale on Amazon on other places. It’s print to order, so I don’t need to worry about stocking physical copies and whatnot. Of course, I can order myself copies to my home and use them in whatever ungodly way I can imagine. And I will.

That being said, laying out the book and the cover is easier said than done. I had several issues with the content–some I never really figured out. Formatting issues that were not apparent to me, but caused their software change the formatting in strange ways. Also, creating the cover was a nightmare. I don’t have any decent photo-apps, such as Photoshop, and was forced to create the entire things with a–get this!–Open Office Text File! Fuck me. But I did it. And it is working for, like 98%. So proud of myself. If I start making some extra money, I will invest in the Adobe PS thing or some such whatnot.

And today, the proof copy arrived at my home. The cover needs a few more adjustments, and the backside of the cover will be arranged differently I have decided, but all in all, I’m very satisfied with the quality of it. Very exciting.

Proof Copy of Honeymoon: A Novella
Proof Copy of Honeymoon: A Novella

2. My feature novel is being edited. By me. Still. This I do on my free time at work (which there is plenty of, trust me), and whenever. I copy edit, mostly, but make down major issues, as well. So, that’s taking up a lot of time, too.

3. A new novella is in the making. I came up with four major characters (protagonist, antagonists), a general plot and structure, and have begun organizing this. In contrast to Honeymoon, it will a lot darker and chilling. Slower in action, but heavier in suspense and thrill. It will explore some deep human issues, such as abuse, trust, and sex-addiction. Everyone’s favourite topics, right?

So. There.

If you’re wondering whatever happened to the Writer Emergency Fate I so recently spoke of, trust me, it will happen. Eventually. It’s a neat idea, and I believe it will be a lot of fun. But right now, I don’t have the time to invest in this, rather, complex project. But fear not! I will do it.


Until next time…


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