Behind The Scenes (After) Act 2 Scene 10 (The Honeymoon)

Not sure what to think of how the last scene came about.

I didn’t quite follow the outline as much as I wanted (however open-ended I kept the outline).

And I didn’t quite go with everything I thought about in the before-post.

The scene ended more on a cliffhanger than with the drama I somehow had envisioned for it. Not that that’s bad. Not at all. It simply goes to show how fast an original idea can morph and change in the course of writing.

Card 15 & 06
Card 15 & 06

Nonetheless, the scene turned out nice. I set up Nathan to become sort of the villain for the finale of the story, while maintaining Mitch’s psychopathic tendencies and the fact that no one seems to take Sarah seriously (which will be great for the very last scene of the story). It’s also a nice setup for the yet-to-come tilt “Someone Develops A Conscience.”

This was Nathan’s very last scene in the story. He will show up in the last two remaining scenes, of course, but we shall never know just what is going through his head in those. Him (and the other two) will also get a short aftermath-scene (another Fiasco game mechanic), which will tell us how all that ended for him in one fashion or another.

#13 – Kill The Hero

And because all that wasn’t bad enough, yet, the next card will just about send it all over the top. And I swear to the FSM, I did not pick that card. I drew it, randomly, from the Writer Emergency Deck.

Sorry, Mitch.

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