By The Way — Week In Review

It’s been a week since I started to build myself a stronger platform for my writing. But before that even, I started the Writer Emergency Fiasco, where I combine to amazing elements (Fiasco and the Writer Emergency Deck) to create a random and interesting narrative, which is now half-way through it’s first act.

Shortly after, I’ve started my Patreon Campaign, where I’m asking for support from my audience during my transition from hobby writer to full-time independent author.

And to get there, I’ve started a Facebook page and worked on promoting that thing through friends and family, which has brought me over 135 likes to that page as of writing this.

I also recorded a terrible, but in-the-moment sort of attempt at a podcast, which I might or might not expand upon. I have some ideas for shorter segments, so let’s wait and see. And I recorded and budget-less produced a lyric video for one of my shorter, but emotionally stronger poems, Hibernation.

All that in one week. I also continued with my Writer Emergency Fiasco (and you can expect a new behind the scenes post tomorrow for scene 4), and wrote several thousand words for my as of yet untitled novel (of which you can read a demo chapter if you choose to support me even $1 per month on my patreon page).

So what is next? 

Next, I need you. All of you reading this. I want to ask you to share with me in the stuff I deliver, give me comments and thoughts on my work. I would love to engage with all of you, talk about the things that inspire us. All it takes from you is a quick comment.

I ask you to like and share my work. Spread it around, help me grow this blog. I know it might seem odd to ask for these things so directly, but I have learned this week that it’s fucking hard to ask for help. That most of us sit back and wait and not say what would make our lives easier.

I’m asking you for your help to grow my audience. If you read this, you’re already part of it–in fact, reading to this line means you’re somewhat committed even. I appreciate that. I love you for it. Please help me reach more people.

And leave me links to your work and inspiration, and I’ll engage with, and share, your creations and contents the same in return.

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