By The Way — Week In Review

It’s been a week since I started to build myself a stronger platform for my writing. But before that even, I started the Writer Emergency Fiasco, where I combine to amazing elements (Fiasco and the Writer Emergency Deck) to create a random and interesting narrative, which is now half-way through it’s first act.

Shortly after, I’ve started my Patreon Campaign, where I’m asking for support from my audience during my transition from hobby writer to full-time independent author.

And to get there, I’ve started a Facebook page and worked on promoting that thing through friends and family, which has brought me over 135 likes to that page as of writing this.

I also recorded a terrible, but in-the-moment sort of attempt at a podcast, which I might or might not expand upon. I have some ideas for shorter segments, so let’s wait and see. And I recorded and budget-less produced a lyric video for one of my shorter, but emotionally stronger poems, Hibernation.

All that in one week. I also continued with my Writer Emergency Fiasco (and you can expect a new behind the scenes post tomorrow for scene 4), and wrote several thousand words for my as of yet untitled novel (of which you can read a demo chapter if you choose to support me even $1 per month on my patreon page).

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