NaNoWriMo 2015 — Day 5

Words written: 15,756. Three days of 12 hour shifts at work put me behind on daily words, but I’m still ahead in total.

I’m also managing to contain my inner editor, the dude that usually keeps me from writing by making me reread and edit what’s already been written. I know I need to change a whole lot if ever this draft wants to make it to something, but I just add notes to the sections, summing up what I need to do eventually. No actually editing or even rereading!

Good job, me.

Here’s for doing my best to break 30k by the end of the week, or even finish this whole damned thing.

And just for you, some buzzwords for the current projecting of the plot: Quantum weirdness, seizures, cybernetic body shame, grumpy old man, PTSD, neural interface dump-shock, human behavior simulation, soy-caff.

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