Behind The Scenes (After) Act 2 Scene 11 (The Honeymoon)

Last Week’s card made me explore the possibility of a main character dying, or have other characters believe that he’s dead.

What the exercises on the card #13 Kill The Hero missed in my opinion is looking at the option of having the reader think the character dies. When that occurred to me, I knew I had to end the last scene with just that sort of thought: a cliffhanger; a gunshot that might or might not kill the hero. So I did.

I’m happy with the second to last scene. Mitch finally gave into his evil side and killed his only leverage against the mob. He also tried to screw over the gang leader, who, of course, won’t be fouled that easily.

The scene also concluded the “magnificent self-destruction” that Mitch was building up for the last few scenes already.

But what about Sarah? In her own scenes, she turned into a bit of a badass, but in everybody else’s view, she was just a stupid girl. At the end of the last scene, however, she took over control.

Or did she?

Nathan is still there, and he has a gun, too. Was he the one that shot the final bullet in the last scene, or was it Sarah? And was it Mitch, who was shot, or someone else?


Only the last scene will tell.

And I won’t spoil anything for it at this point.

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