Behind The Scenes (After) Act 2 Scene 9 (The Honeymoon)

My biggest issue with writing is focus. As in the mental ability to think and stare at a screen, mash words together, make sense of it all. This is especially hard during work days for me, since my day job is construction for the City of Calgary (water works). In the past, writing during my work days was near impossible–I was tired and sore and some such thing. So, usually, I pre-write the posts for the next  scene before and schedule them for their respective day. This time, though, my work picked up so much that I didn’t have time pre-write any of this week’s scene.

But all my writing exercises have trained me well. Not only did I manage to write the scene last minute (the night before), but I actually enjoyed writing it despite the fact that I had to force myself to sit down and write (tired and sore and having worked more than a 60-hour week). That is a very good feeling, knowing that I have come so far in my writing ability that I can ignore the fact that I JUST DON’T FUCKING WANT TO, and do it anyway. That’s great.

Card 11 Puny Humans
Card 11 Puny Humans

So, let’s talk about last week’s scene.

That scene finished the “past” timeline, merging it into the current timeline by ending where the very first scene started. I also mashed things up a little more and moved the narrative very close to Mitch’s first encounter with the gang. But I did it all from Nathan’s point of view, which differs slightly from the others might have experienced, because the story is filter through his lens. That is especially true for the part where Nathan and Sarah are driving away just a moment away from the car crash. To him, Sarah is nagging and complaining, but if we read the previous scene with Sarah, you know that she’s actually thinking she’ll be in charge. Very interesting to filter through different lenses how characters are perceived.

The card was #11 — Puny Humans, wanting us to explore the idea of a truly devastating event. In the scope of the story, the bikers showing up and shooting and even killing could be consider devastating for the trio, so that fits well enough. The card also prompted be to think about how Nathan would react in such a situation. I believe he would try to escape and save his own hide, but might come through for someone close enough to him, if it’s not bringing him to the centre of the problem. Which is what I’ve done in this scene.

All in all, the scene went well. It ended up a little longer than the rest (1900 words to the letter), but it included elements from the first scene, so that number is a little inflated.

Card 15 & 06
Card 15 & 06

Next scene will be a special one, for sure. Not only do we get back to the current timeline, the moment when bullets are flying through the wall and door where Sarah and Nathan are hiding out, but this time around I pulled two cards again to make a repeat-card more interesting.

And interesting it ended up, trust me.

Stay tuned.

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