Behind The Scenes (After) Act 2 Scene 8 (The Honeymoon)

This week’s scene played out parallel to the previous scene, when Sarah had to deal with her wedding. Meanwhile, Mitch found his mother and all he wanted was for her to leave.

02 Fight The Ginat 16 Start The Clock
02 Fight The Ginat
16 Start The Clock

I drew two cards for this scene, which is explained right here.

Making two cards work isn’t exactly easy, but it worked out. And to be honest, I already made up my mind of what this is going to be about, and simply tried to make the cards fit and square that circle. All in all, though, I believe that I hit the target well between the two cards.

I managed to show off more of Mitch’s dark side, which has become his trope for the story, but also give a few insight as to why he is the way he is. And just how far he is willing to go to protect not only himself, but also those he does care for, whether they’ll ever know it, or not.

One thing that has happened this scene is that I established a detail that could have been managed in an earlier scene, but which is playing in the future. Because I was playing around with two different timelines, I ended up throwing the detail of Mitch’s mother being involved with the biker gang–a detail not mentioned at all in the previous scene with the bikers, which was written before, but plays out later in the narrative. That means that, when I’m done with the entires story, and I go back to editing those part, I have an opportunity to round those rough edges and make it all fit a bit nicer.

But that’s the nature of randomizing each scene after scene, never knowing what might come next.

Card 11 Puny Humans
Card 11 Puny Humans

Next week’s card is an interesting one, too. And Nathan is the one who has to deal with it…

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