Weaponized Spam Bots

No, not really.

One day, though, when machines are sentient, and artificial intelligence has nothing better to do but to spam us into submission…


May this as it be, my blog seems to start getting some traction. Because I’m getting a lot more spam comments, lately, which must mean that my content is reaching farther than it used to.

I’m talking about things like this:

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…and this…

jack and the beanstalk slots 

You will be grateful to know that this Strolling Wild can remain to take place, and you don’t even need a victory
on the preliminary walk.

And you know what? I am grateful. No idea what for, but hey, it’s a comment! Right?

That being said, I’d love to receive a bit of feedback from real people. Please take a minute and leave some thoughts on my writing; things you like; things you hate; things completely unrelated but worth being grateful for.

It’s not easy for some people to just put themselves out there, present their craft like that. I’d like to know how well or unwell it is received. After all, while I do write for myself, I publish it to entertain you.

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