The Honeymoon — The Tilt (Or: What else can go wrong?)

The first half of The Honeymoon is over. If you ever even heard of the game Fiasco (upon which this narrative is based), you know that this is the point when things really go bad for everyone involved.

The Tilt.

This is the point when I roll a bunch of dice again, and use them to pick items from the tilt table.

For this, I prepared a quick video, so you can watch me picking out the two elements in real time.Read More »

Go Go Power Rangers

If you don’t know what the Power Rangers are, go to google now and learn.

As a kid, I used to love the original show. Yeah, it was cheesy and cheap and weird, but the idea of teenagers being chosen to become intergalactic warriors with powerful animal-mechs that can transform into one mega robot to destroy their hometown while saving it at the same time from some monster-turned-supermonster…. come on!

Now I stumbled on this little jewel. A short movie that takes the original concepts and brings it to dark, gritty, cyberpunk dystopia, where turning teenagers into weapons to fight a war against a machine uprising can only go bad for everyone.

The way they weave in bits and pieces of the original series, and create a narrative that makes sense in this dark vision of the Power Rangers, is beautiful.

I guess there actually is a full-length Power Rangers movie being made, and this little masterpiece is setting the bar very high for whatever studio is doing the official movie.

Check it out.

On “Content” and “Consumers”

This video nails it. I just started to seriously pursue establishing my writing platform, to get known and liked and have people care about the things I write. The things I say.

Because I love to create.

Because I want to entertain.

But being at the bottom of a very, very, very large pole of established online “content”, it is feeling overwhelmingly hard to even bother. I want to set myself apart. I want to be something I have created. But I feel like all I can do is keep throwing more and more content out there, hoping to cause a small ripple in the sea of white noise. Maybe, if I write enough one-shot, forgettable but short-timed entertaining content, someone, somewhere will notice me.

Maybe not.

Watch this video. Think about it. The Internet is what’s entertaining us the most, every waking our of our lives these days. People–real people with hearts and brains and skepticism and faith and diversity and strength and sorrows are creating every bit and byte you consume–no–everything you enjoy. That moves you to tears. That makes you smile. That urges to explore.

That connects you, even if just for a brief moment, with the person on the other end creating these powerful little bits and bytes.

Support the art. Support the thing you love.

Share, like, subscribe, yell the IP off a fucking rooftop.