Behind The Scenes (After) Act 1 Scene 6 (The Honeymoon)

Card 21A day early for posting my thoughts after the last scene, because I have a few things planned for the next act this week.

A lot of thought went into the last scene, and ways of how to make the last card (Impostor) work well.

Before I was writing it, I sort of settled on the idea that Mitch is a very evil man, a murderer, and that somehow will come up and his facade of being a good guy (in Sarah’s eyes) might break.

While writing it, though, I decided to pull back just a little bit. Instead, I went down the road of bad childhood, causing Mitch to be unable to make true emotional connections. He casually mentions that he loves Sarah–with a “but”. Some of the dark past I mentioned in the first behind the scenes post I did hint at–like the mother showing up, and that he might have done something bad to his own father. But I didn’t make it the centre of the scene.

This gives me a little bit more opportunity to play with that later down the road. And right now, he got Sarah all excited about this stupid idea, which is the centre of the actual Fiasco. So, all in all, I think it all worked out.

Not so much for them, but for me as the storyteller.



Act 1 is over. Half the story is written. It was quite an entrusting journey for me. I am so amazed at how well the cards are helping me developing the narrative–the ideas that are coming to me. I feel confident that, should I ever get stuck again in one of my bigger projects, using the cards to help me over those writing challenges will make a huge difference.

Later, I will post a video I recorded, where you can watch me roll on the tilt table and figure out what will make the second act even worse for the characters. And you can look forward to the outline for act 2.

So stay tuned!

And check out the Backer Wall, where you find the people supporting my Patreon Campaign (and their web-space if they wanted it linked).

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