Behind The Scenes (After) Act 1 Scene 4 (The Honeymoon)

Card 19Every good narrative knows when to accelerate, and when to slow down.

After the last few scenes, the story has become a fast, maniacal out-of-control train wreck. So, maybe the last card (#19 That Was Lucky) came just at the right time to slow down things a little bit. Scene 4 was meant to be easy-going (from a narrative perspective) already. I knew it was meant to be one hour before the wedding, and deal with Nate bursting into the dressing room to freak out Sarah.

After drawing the card and brainstorming the ideas from it, I’ve decided to make this scene about Sarah’s step-mother and step-brother. The wedding means a lot to her step-mom, and she won’t let anything get in the way. I also knew the scene was meant to go badly for Sarah, which I hinted at by the fact that Nathan wants to take care of the “business” right away but his mother not letting him, which will drag both the couple and Nathan into the hell-hole we already know they’ll end up at.

“That Was Lucky”, I think, comes through in the scene through both Nathan getting Mitch ready just in time, and Sarah’s step-mother doing everything in her power to make this wedding happening. And the consequences will be, as I said, that everyone will get into trouble because of it. Maybe, if she would have let Nathan go right now, he could have fixed the situation before it escalated.

Check out the last scene again and let me know what you think.

Card 02Next week’s card will deal with Nathan in the present time after Sarah knocked him out. And given the details and ideas of the card, it might end up being a big scene, too.

# 02 — Fight The Giant

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