Behind The Scenes (After) Act 1 Scene 3 (The Honeymoon)

Card 22There are a few cards in the Writer Emergency Deck I was dreading before starting this project.

Both Secret Society and Zombie Attack or, for sure, some of them. Because of their initial implications, I would find them hard to implement (since the story is a meant to be a road trip disaster, not a supernatural thriller or some such thing).

But thanks to the excellent feedback on the detail cards, giving ideas and explanations as to what those broad topics of the cards could also mean, and the few little exercises each card comes with, I’m very impressed just how well I was able to use them so far.

In the last scene, I used the card # 22 — Zombie Attack — to introduce a biker gang to the story. Not only that, I felt it was a good idea to connecting the current hero of the scene, Mitch, to the gang directly by making his late father a member of that very gang, and a  friend of the leader. So much so, that the leader implies that Mitch used to call him uncle.

This entire scene is a little bit more on the explicit side (no worries, I do not try to imply my other work is any more clean than this). I figure that, if Mitch grew up with a hard-ass biker daddy, and is affiliated with such cultural backgrounds, his way of approaching the world would be just as hard-ass. That’s why I use some very strong language, that I don’t even use in real life (like the c-word). It might be a little harsh, but it feels more true to the core of the character, now that a ruthless gang is part of his background.

To quote my lovely fiancee after reading the scene:

So, you’re going for the jugular with this one.

What do you think? How would have used the Zombie Attack card in this narrative? Read the scene again.

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Card 19Next week’s card seems a little more mundane than the previous two. Let’s wait and find out to what this card will inspire me to do with Sarah’s Wedding Day one hour before the wedding (as per outline). Monday, the behind the scenes will go live, and Wednesday, you’ll get the story.

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