Approaching a different approach

Different people have different approaches to the same issue. Whether it’s writing, framing, cooking, driving, or even reading. We all do it different than the next guy. Surely, we learn from others, steal — erm — be inspired by proven concepts and so and blah blah blah.

As for writing: My approach to writing on bigger projects sucks. It works. For a while. Maybe. Write a scene. Outline another, maybe two. Maybe write more. Edit this. Update that. Somehow I end up not ending up anywhere with this method.

At the end, I stare a huge pile of folders and documents named after chapters and scenes and whatnot. I miss the flow. I don’t see the chain. The link from A to B.

So. (I hate it when paragraphs start with so.)

So. I want to give something a quick thought here. I want to treat a story as pretty much just that: A story. Start telling it, don’t stop, don’t break, keep at it. Don’t think about scenes. Don’t think about chapters. Just tell the story as it happens. Leave a blank line to mark major jumps in time/space, but don’t start a different document for another chapter. Nor do a page-break. Just write. And write.

I will do that from now on. Once a document is done, I can cope-paste the parts I’d like to see in a chapter and give it whatever edit needed for it — at the end. Am I making sense here?

Anyways, I’d like to know what other people are doing. Methods. Tricks. Things to keep the flow going. Tell me, in the comments, what you do to do what you do, eh?

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