Just a quick note on the side

I’ver received a spam comment or two about how these women playing the victim role and blah blah blah and both sides are being treated badly and more blah blah blah and something about youtube videos telling me how feminism is poising (caps included) EVERYTHING.*

Well. People bully on the internet. But I don’t recall any ladies out there threatening a fellow male (and their relatives) with rape and murder. 

Empowering feminism is a win-win for (caps included) EVERYONE. It enables men to pursue lifestyle choices that are perfectly fine, but labeled as “Woman-work” or “Girly” (or even such things as “gay”). 

Life isn’t equal. The threats aren’t equal. Frankly, women could go out and threaten and rape and murder other men to balance the scales. Instead, they chose to research the root-cause and speak up about it. Instead of feeding the symptoms, they make aware of the cause. 


That’s all. 





*Those comments were made with one-time accounts, long since deleted. These “real men” are hiding behind walls and anonymity. They don’t have the “real balls” to show their fucking face when they make their accusations. Good job representing our gender. Cowards. 

Women on the internet. Or: What the actual fuck?

Here’s another view on the current hate against women on the internet. Seriously, I urge everyone to read it. To understand it. To do their own research and form an opinion that’s open and honest. The internet is meant to connect the world, to bring everyone together. To share and enjoy. To not only exclude, but pushing away women, is madness. People responsible are not only those threatening, but also all of us who do not speak up, don’t look into the issue, and aren’t passionate about supporting those that deserve it. Need it. Internet bullying turns into violent threats. Threats of rape. Of murder. Against the targets and against their families. Read those articles. Listen to these women.

And this (also linked in the article below) is the threats this brave woman received. Warning: mature and disturbing content: 


Don’t cry out about, “But not all men are …”. No. They aren’t. But this is not about men. This is about women and violence against them. Don’t make the women yet another object in a talk about men as subject. Violent, cultural norms against women are the subject of the debate. I don’t care if you are a good guy. If you are: stand up and speak out. Call out the assholes. The psychopaths. The haters. Be a real man. For the sake of your mother. Or your wife. Or sister. Or daughter. Or co-worker. Or friend. Women are everywhere. They should not be afraid of men, but feel the same safety and generosity they’re willing to share with us. Equality and all that.

Anyone believing this is not as bad as it is needs to reconsider their position. Reconsider their involvement with the issue of violence against women. This happening online is just the modern projection of misogynistic hate-crimes. From male entitlement that a woman “owes something” to them, to the statements of men (and other women) that woman who gets raped “must have deserved it”. Don’t believe me. Please. Look it up. Look into it. I dare you.

This is ludicrous. Women are (spoiler warning) People. People like any other human being. Treat them with respect. Treat people as people, not as gender or race of faith.

If this level of hate is reached from talking about video games, what do you think will happen when women speak about real-world issues, such as politics, religion, war and money? How far will this go? How far are you willing to let it go?

If you feel the need to be “a real man”, be a fucking real man and support those that to ought to be supported. Don’t hate against them. Don’t get angry or offended by the too-obvious truth.

This is happening.

Do not look away.

Speak up.

A Salute

Because it’s the 70th anniversary of D-Day, I’d like to make you all aware of some very exceptional german soldiers. Yes, they were fighting for the Nazis. They were the enemy. But here is what they did:

Franz Stigler
This german pilot was ordered to chase and shoot down an american B17 bomber returning form a successful air raid. When he came close enough, he realized that the bomber had been severely damaged by anti-aircraft fire during the raid, and then decided to exert it out of harms way instead of shooting it down.

Walther Wenck
During the final battle of Berlin 1945, the general of the 12th army, Walther Wenck, realized that the end of the war was coming. Instead of trying to defeat the advancing soviet forces as his order were, he used his army to create an escape corridor out of Berlin. He ended up being responsible for up to 250,000 people safely escaping the burning city. For him this wasn’t a battle any more. It was rescue operation.

“Comrades, you’ve got to go in once more,” Wenck said. “It’s not about Berlin any more, it’s not about the Reich any more.” Their task was to save people from the fighting and the Russians. Hans-Dietrich Genscher, then a young sapper with the Twelfth Army, described their emotions as a “feeling of loyalty, a sense of responsibility and comradeship.” Wenck’s leadership struck a powerful chord, even if the reactions varied between those who believed in a humanitarian operation and those keener to surrender to the Western allies instead of the Russians.

—Antony Beevo

Every war has their heroes. Politicians declare war on others, but its people who are fighting it. Who are dying. Who are making a difference. Remember that your enemies are just as human as you are, no matter what your propaganda tells you otherwise.

This matters.

Storium – The Online Storytelling Game

This is a thing now (click me).

Storium is the online game that lets you and your friends tell stories together and play in imaginary worlds of your own creation.

I stumbled across their kickstarter at the very end, and backed it right away. They managed to raise over 1000% of what they wanted initially, opening up a shit-load of extra content, as well as the promise to a version of the platform designed to be used in schools and for education.

Check out their kickstarter page here–it’ll give you a great insight in what it’s all about and the things that got added as the campaign went on.

Apparently, one can still get access to the beta cycle through their website, even now that the kickstarter is over.

My first impressions of the platform are pretty positive. But it’s very apparent that they’re still in a very early stage of what could potentially be an amazing thing. The concept itself is very neat–play by post with a twist. People tell a story together, each person writing from the perspective of their own character. While doing this, they play cards to guide their narrative. All the while, the narrator (creator of each game) lays out challenges to overcome with said player-cards, further guiding the narrative through those challenges.

It’s like playing an RPG, but with more freedom, no nasty rules, and loose guidance as to tell the story.

The narrator picks from a pre-build set of worlds, or builds their own. Worlds come (and are fully customizable) with a set of natures (character concepts), strength and weakness (character traits), and assets and subplots. All of which are cards to be played during the narrative to count against a challenge. Strength and Weakness Cards are the most important cards, since they allow to move the outcome of a challenge in a weak or strong direction.Whoever plays the last card on a challenge gets full control over the outcome, guided by the description left by the narrator, and can write up whatever the hell he likes at this point. The only guidelines are, as mentioned, the narrative suggestion from the narrator, and whether it’s a strong or weak outcome.

It’s a conflict-resolution-reward system.

I’m excited to see where this is headed. So far, a bunch of features are teased (and funded), but not yet implemented. Here’s hoping the beta moves forward soon to unleash the full potential of this idea.

So far, it’s missing any kind of social features. You can talk to other players in the games you’re in together through a comment-function. That’s it. I’m sure in the future there will be more ways to interact, like chat and forum and yadda yadda, but right now it can get frustrating. Also, finding games is a bit tedious. Just one big list to scroll down. No search option, tags or categories. All things that will surely be added in the future, I guess.

If you love storytelling, and love doing it with others together, this might be a thing for you to check out.