I’ve noticed that I somehow managed to collect a handful of followers over the last few months, both directly through blog-connections, and more so through email followers. I’m impressed by that, considering that I’m only maintaing this site once every few months or so.

I’d like to welcome all of you to my humble forth-spewings of my mind. And I’d like to say a few words about me, too, so you know who you’re dealing with here.

My name’s Stefan. I’m german, living in Canada. I’ve been fallen into the passion for writing about ten years ago, when I was taken the bus home late at night, very drunk and listening to some black/avant-garde metal. Oh, did I mention I like metal? Anyways, I’ve written ever since. Sometimes more, more times less. Poetry, prose, blurps and slurps. Everything I write comes from some sort of experience. Even if this is merely me watching a movie and hating the execution of the story so much, that I would like to try and do it better.

I’m still finding my footing–my voice and style and all–in the english language. But since I’m living in Canada now, it wouldn’t make much sense to pursue a writer’s lifestyle in anything but english. This blog is my playground for that. And hopefully, now that I’m determined to be more serious (or at all serious, rather) to focus my efforts towards writing, publishing and the works, I hope I’ll have the chance to engage with a few of you along the journey.

I welcome any and all feedback and criticism on my work. In kind, I will do my best to follow up on other people’s blogs and sites, doing just the same.*

Thanks for hanging around,

Stefan (untraum)

*Please don’t expect me to like a blog because they like my blog. I don’t believe in exchanging favours for the sake of having a higher number of followers. I believe in following a blog or liking a site, because I actually like what I see. I want a network of creative people, which I want to treat as real human beings, not a stage to advertise my content in exchange for me advertising theirs, purely for the sake of advertising. Without any interesting exchange of creative experience to grow and learn from. Harsh, maybe. But honest.

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