Dinner for one

Today we arrived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, because my girlfriend is the maid of honour for her very special friend this coming weekend.
Since my beloved girl is out and about with the girls from the bridal party, giving the bride-to-be an awesome time, I had to fend for myself tonight.
Luckily, there’s a Ricky’s. It’s within walking distance, and since the girlfriend took my car, I, coincidentally have to walk. So, I dress myself and march on down to the restaurant.
It didn’t take me long to order, at all, since it’s only me there. I opted for a pop and a burger–big surprise, I know. Fries, ketchup, coleslaw on the burger, and the whole nine yards.

I remembered Ricky’s to be decent.

It tasted as it should. The consistency was just right. I mean, there was a spongy, gluten-filled bun, a nice, thick patty, and everything I remember there to be. Sure, Ricky’s isn’t the best for burger, but they still are pretty decent there, and, as I said, I had to walk and this was close.
But I didn’t like it. It all tasted right. It all looked just fine. But I didn’t want any of that.
I’ve been living just a little more conscious about what I’m putting into me, and while I’m by far no role model on healthy eating, I start to understand what shit we put into our mouths day in and day out. And I’m tired of it.
The ketchup bottle prides itself to be made out of 30% plant. Great. The ketchup is still full of preservatives and additives, that enhance all this and that, but don’t do anyone any good. The patty was amazing in shape, but I’m sure that cow wasn’t treated well before pressed into this round mouthful of over-prized meat. And even if the meat was okay, the deep fried onion straws surely weren’t. Yes, they taste great. They look even greater. But, come on, deep fried in boiling grease of some sort of vegetable oil. Saturated and what-not.
But it was in walking distance and I was hungry. And I remembered Ricky’s to be decent.
I didn’t miss it, though, nor any of the restaurants, that we never go to anymore.
I’m disappointed in food. In big consumer chains. I just paid $20 and felt dirty afterwards.

I can’t believe I put on pants for that.

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