Let’s Celebrate The Finish Of Draft One

Last night, I have finished the first draft of my first novel–Keeper’s Legend (working title)!

WordcountIsn’t that exciting?

I think it is. This is the biggest project I have ever started AND finished–at least up to a point where it would feel comfortable talking about it. I’m aware that there’s still a lot more work to be done when it comes to editing and straightening out the narrative and plot, but the basic structure stands, I allow myself to be proud.Read More »

An Update On The Manuscript (With A Picture)

I’m knee-deep in the guts of my current work-in-progress, creatively titled “Keeper’s Legend” at the moment–a Urban (dark) Fantasy adventure-slash-thriller pitching ancient mythology against the fears and horrors of the modern times–and I thought I’d share a little bit of the progress.

A few weeks back, I managed to stop vomiting the first “draft” of that thing. I spewed forth the words, and constructed abominations that barely pass for sentences. And now I’m in the middle of fixing all that nonsense that may or may not hide a story somewhere within its gut-wrenching abyss of word-chaos.

A while back, I also shared an overview of the the then-current chapter/part structure (which of course has changed slightly already).

This time, I figured, I’d share a screenshot from the actual manuscript edit as it stands right now Read More »

Rewrite vs Edit vs Check-up

I’m still tinkering away on this damned-by-the-gods thing. I’m also still writing the next part of the same god-forsaken work-in-process.

What I don’t do: rewrite. Not yet. But there’s this urge to do just that.

The story has moved in directions I didn’t foresee. Yes, I planed some and plotted some other–but things still go as they may. Later on, I realized themes and scenes that escalate more. That drive harder. That hit deeper. Stakes are higher now than they were when I finished the first part.

The problem is: In order to make this all make sense in le part deux, some scene in part one need to be changed around. Consistency. Continuity. So, should I go back and edit those things right-the-fuck-now? 

My former self would say, yes. Damn it yes. Fix it now so it’s good to go for later. So it all makes sense on Draft-Zero.Read More »