NaNo ’16: The Snowflake

Next, I break down most of the points into a few simple statements to give them some detail. You’ll notice that some points may have changed, others were merged, and some where even added just because it made sense at this point.

Find out about haunted estate.

  • Áleifr overhears local folk talking about witch hunters travelling through the lands, and that hopefully they rid the old estate of the ghost.

Investigate source of rumour.

  • Seeks out the owners of estate: grandson of family and his grandfather, who is barely alive. Haunting prevents grandson from selling estate.

Negotiate to help.

  • They refuse to take the help for what Áleifr asks for at first, but Áleifr convinces them that the witch hunters will investigate once they reach this part of the province, and they won’t go easy on the family of a haunting ghost.

Investigate estate

  • In ruins, desolated. Overgrown. Classic signs of haunting (strange sounds, shadow in corner of eye, etc). Finds portrait of the former Countess (presumed ghost), as well as family portraits with 3 generations of family.

Wait for ghost to show itself.

  • It first approaches/attacks with the house, until Ghost itself shows itself: curious as to the nature of Áleifr.

Deal with hunters breaking in.

Witness ghost killing one of thugs.

  • Moment of truss broken by witch hunters breaking in. Confronting Áleifr, until Ghost kills one of them. Áleifr fights until all hunters dead: ONE survives (barely).

Fight with ghost; draw.

  • Ghost blames Áleifr for hunters, attacks with anger. Áleifr defends with the bit of magic he has, until stalemate.

Find out some secret.

  • Finds out why the ghost is still around. Interrogate survivor to find out Grandson is involved in hunters showing up.

Confront Grandson.

Be backstabbed, handed over to witch hunters.

  • For both the attack and what he’s done to grandma (ghost). Grandson sold out Áleifr after hunters showed up, now hunters arrest him.

Escape with style. >>Get a token of sorts tied to Ghost

  • Fight off hunters, escape with grandson.

Return to house to given token and befriend Ghost.

  • Leave grandson to whim of ghost while being urged to save grandfather.

Save grandfather

Reunite grandparents

  • Using his own ring making the ghost appear human and let her talk to her husband as if both were alive.

Break curse.

Deliver Grandson to hunters for witchcraft.

  • Or rather, let now curse-free grandfather do it.

Release Ghost.

Restore honour for old man.

As you can see, things start to fill in. But this is far from being finished, though I believe you get the picture.

I won’t keep adding pages on pages with each individual step of adding details, but rather give you the (so far) finished product. Just a few things, quickly:

I try not to fill out a single point before moving on, but rather think of a few details for one point and quickly move to the next point, and then start over again, letting later details inspire things I could add earlier. For some points, since they’re a lot shorter within the narrative, I just filled it in and never ended up adding more.

Again, more spoilers on the next page.

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