NaNoWriMo 2015 — Final Stretch

Eight days left.

6,342 words to go.

I’ve kinda sorta broke through some of the issues I had lately, getting the narrative back on track. I had to skip to an emotionally damaging scene at the [beginning of the end] of part 3, and after that, I jumped back to where I actually stopped and pushed through. Worked, too.

After a week of relatively weak word counts of around 1000 per day, I’ve finally managed to push past the ideal 1667 today. And I have things to do for the next little bit, a good vision of how I get what I have now to where said damaging scene should fit.

Hitting the 50k shouldn’t be a problem. But the story won’t be as close to being finished as I wanted it be by that time. Still, hitting that number was the goal. Everything else will get fixed in post.


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