Exploding Kittens And Awakened Cyberpunk (Kickstarter)

I’m currently backing two awesome Kickstarter Projects, and I’d like to share them right here–right now.

#1 is a project about a game I simply love: Shadowrun — Hong Kong.

Harebrained Schemes–headed by Jordan Weissman, creator of Shadowrun and all sorts of gaming goodness–finished their last Shadowrun Kickstarter with $1.8 million of the desired $400,000, and delivered not just one (Shadowrun Returns), but two amazing games with that cash, as well as a director’s cut of the second game (Shadowrun Dragonfall and SR Dragonfall Director’s Cut).

They’re taking back the Shadowrun World and bringing into a beautiful drawn 2D isometric tactical game, filled with everything you need in a good Shadowrun game: Elves with machine-guns, deadly matrix hacking, awakened bug-spirits to kill, cutting-edge cybernetic body augmentation, solid social engine, and an art of storytelling that’s hard to come by these days.

This time around, though, they’re not looking to get the new game, which plays in Hong Kong, funded. No, the game will come no matter what. They have their own money budgeted for it and are ready to roll it out mid-2015. With Kickstarter, they’re looking for the community to co-fund additional content, practically starting the campaign off at the Stretch-Goal Level. After the initial 100,000, they added something new ever $50,000. Now we are in the final leg to hit the $700,000 mark, which will unlock a revamped matrix experience. The campaign has plenty of time to go, so I feel pretty confident about this. And who knows–maybe they add even more stuff to stretch out for once we get closet to the 700,000.

#2 Exploding Kittens

Ever heard of The Oatmeal? Yeah. Those guys. They’re making a card game. It’s about kittens that explode. And lasers. And goats.

It looks like a fun, simple, but tactical card game. Now, once you click the link you’ll see that they need no money from anyone else. They wanted $10,000. They got $2,000,000 (!!!) in 24 hours (again !!!). They don’t have any face rewards or tiers.

All they want to do now is to hit 100,000 backers. When they do that, they add a few more cards to the adult version of the game, which you also get a copy off (besides the normal child-friendly game) if you back at the $35 level–virtually giving you two complete decks to use separately for 2-4 players, or to combine (age 30+) for up to 8 players.

You can donate as little as $1 just to see them hit the 100,000 backer-number.

Do it.


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