DocWagon™(On The Run part 2)


//ID > Patrick James Osbourne
//Matching Database…
//Scanning Biometrics…
//…confirmed :: Status > DocWeagen™ Gold Service

//Vitals > CRITICAL

“That’s him,” the doc in armored jacket says, after scanning the the ID of the nearly dead guy in the dumpster. “Okay boys, get him out’a here. Be careful, he’s got some bad holes, so don’t break him. Here is the stats from his bio – don’t look so good.”

After quickly going over the very alarming vitals, pulled from the target’s biomonitor, the troop of DocWagen™ extraction members follows the order, carefully pulling the man out of the trash.

“Sir,” one of the men says, pointing at the target, “he is armed. Two heavy caliber pistols, two combat knives.”

“You know the protocol, O’Larey. Status confirms the licenses,” says the team leader with a shrug.

They take his weapons and put them into a lockbox, programmed to the fingerprint of the target. The Docs make sure the target is stabilized, stopping the blood loss on the major wounds before they carry him into the DocWagen™ rescue van. There, they tend to every little scratch, disinfecting and patching.

One of the team members turns around, and looking at the gate leading into corporation territory, he says, “What do you think he got shot for, O’Larey?”

O’Larey stares at the community entry sign, proudly broadcasted in AR with soothing lights and friendly colors, and answers, “I don’t know, dude. Sometimes I wonder if we’re maybe saving the wrong people.”

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