First draft of the first draft of the first part.

To some, this might not matter at all. To others–I think many–this can mean a lot. Those like me, that can’t finish a project to safe a starving animal’s life. That tried and tried and tried and never just hard enough.

Last night, I finished the first full part of this damn novel I’m working on. I want it to have three distinct parts throughout the book, so this is now a major milestone for me. It’s not going as fast as I wanted it to, back when I decided that I’m a writer now–not later. But I was (and still am) fighting this damned-to-heaven flu, so I allow myself to be excused. Thank you. It took me about three weeks to get to this point. Which, given that I–again–suck at pulling through with just about anything, is a huge accomplishment.

I’d like to talk about two things here. First, what I’ve been doing, and how I feel about it. Second, about my personal process as novice wordsmith. (Am I a novice? How does one rank up?) I figure it can help one or two people with no guidance and stuff. Probably not. Enjoy it anyways.
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