Writer Emergency Pack and Accessibility

Writer Emergency Pack

If you follow this blog at all, you have read about the Writer Emergency Pack by now. And you know that I use it for my current writing exercise, Writer Emergency Fiasco.

If you don’t know what the deck is about, let me quote a blurb straight from their Kickstarter page:

Over the years, I’ve had conversations with hundreds of writers, both on the podcast and around the lunch table. No matter what genre or medium, all writers face story problems. Plots that plod. Characters that don’t connect.

Every writer has her own techniques for pushing past these problems — little nudges and prompts to help get the story clicking.

Writer Emergency Pack is a curated collection of some of the most useful suggestions I’ve encountered. It’s by writers, for writers.

Now. I’d like to take a minute and talk about the pack itself, and what the people behind the pack are doing with it (because these people are amazing).Read More »