The Honeymoon; Act 1, Scene 3 — Mitch Makes A Deal

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Warning: More than usual explicit content


“Be a man,” my dad used to say. “Stop whining and suck it up,” is what he added, putting his belt back on. Me, little Mitchell, cowering in fear before the Goliath of my childhood. That asshole deserved to die when he did.

All grown up, and again forced to the ground in fear. Next to me, also on his knees, also scared shitless and of his mind, the man in cheap suit is whining like a little boy. Maybe that’s why I think of my father right now. Or it has something to do with his old gang buddies having both that man and myself on the ground with guns to our heads.

“This is ‘Lost Boy’ turf,” says the fat guy in too-tight leather vest and fatigues. Read More »

The Honeymoon; Act 1, Scene 1 — Sarah Goes For Broke (Writer Emergency Fiasco)

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I yell, “Stop whining, for fuck’s sake!” But it makes no difference.

My useless step-brother keeps pulling on my arm, telling me to turn around. The car swerves left and right. I put my hand right on his face and push him back into his seat, while trying to keep control over this beaten-up piece of shit car. Nathan protests, like I’m the one in the wrong. Did he miss that part where those assholes tried to shoot and kill us?

“But Sarah,” he says, breathing heavy and panicking like a little boy, “maybe if we go back and give them the case, they won’t hurt us.”

All those years of sampling the product must have melted his brain.

“No,” I say. “It’s ours now. Stop being a little bitch, Nate. This whole thing is your fucking fault, anyways!”Read More »