NaNoWriMo 2015 — Preparation and Chapter One

Only a few more days until NaNo starts. Exciting, ey?

I’ve already talked about what I’m planing on doing and how I see this happening. The first major step for this is to take my piece of flash fiction and update it to fit the narrative I have in mind.

I have done that.

And, because I’m a nice guy, I’ll let you read it.

This is most likely the first chapter of my NaNo Novel. It introduces us to two major characters, Cade Stern and Kenneth Renner (who’s last name keeps changing for the simple reason that I’m bad at picking good names), gives us a glimpse into the state of the world, and throws in some narrative flavour to top of it.

I will not write anything else before November 1. The only reason I worked on this beforehand is that it’s already mostly written anyways, and that I don’t want to waste time rewriting during November. And I promise the ~1800 words of chapter one won’t make it into my November count unless I fall short. Ha ha.

So. Here it is. Chapter 1.

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