Just a quick note on the side

I’ver received a spam comment or two about how these women playing the victim role and blah blah blah and both sides are being treated badly and more blah blah blah and something about youtube videos telling me how feminism is poising (caps included) EVERYTHING.*

Well. People bully on the internet. But I don’t recall any ladies out there threatening a fellow male (and their relatives) with rape and murder. 

Empowering feminism is a win-win for (caps included) EVERYONE. It enables men to pursue lifestyle choices that are perfectly fine, but labeled as “Woman-work” or “Girly” (or even such things as “gay”). 

Life isn’t equal. The threats aren’t equal. Frankly, women could go out and threaten and rape and murder other men to balance the scales. Instead, they chose to research the root-cause and speak up about it. Instead of feeding the symptoms, they make aware of the cause. 


That’s all. 





*Those comments were made with one-time accounts, long since deleted. These “real men” are hiding behind walls and anonymity. They don’t have the “real balls” to show their fucking face when they make their accusations. Good job representing our gender. Cowards.