An Update On The Manuscript (With A Picture)

I’m knee-deep in the guts of my current work-in-progress, creatively titled “Keeper’s Legend” at the moment–a Urban (dark) Fantasy adventure-slash-thriller pitching ancient mythology against the fears and horrors of the modern times–and I thought I’d share a little bit of the progress.

A few weeks back, I managed to stop vomiting the first “draft” of that thing. I spewed forth the words, and constructed abominations that barely pass for sentences. And now I’m in the middle of fixing all that nonsense that may or may not hide a story somewhere within its gut-wrenching abyss of word-chaos.

A while back, I also shared an overview of the the then-current chapter/part structure (which of course has changed slightly already).

This time, I figured, I’d share a screenshot from the actual manuscript edit as it stands right now Read More »

Looking for: Book recommendations


I’m looking for books to read. Urban Fantasy, some sort of Sci-Fi (not too far into the future. Think: Cyberpunk), maybe horror. Things that are twisted, sharp and fast. Unreliable, like the good ol’ Fight Club. A switchblade of metaphors like the Miriam Black series (Blackbirds, Mockingbird, Cormorant).

The options are too many for me to wade through and figure out what could and couldn’t be good. Time, time, time. So, if any and all of you have ideas or favourites in the genre of the bizarre, the satires and weird tales, please let me know.

Also, I prefer kindle. It’s cheap, and I don’t have room for real books. I know, it sucks. Boo me.

So, if anybody can tell me of good books, and has some kindle-links with it, that’d be awesome. (Also a great option to self-promote.)