Rambling Podcast Episode Deux

Oh boy, it’s that time again.

Once again, I found myself rambling to myself, and the microphone was one for some reason.

Once again, I pick up on a ton of interesting topics, just to get distracted and finish virtual none of the thoughts I begin.

Follow me along as I ramble down the path of topics like Marvel’s A-Force, The Hobbit, Swedish Hot Chick Tropes, what stuff you can look forward to from myself in the next few weeks, and so on and so forth.

Good times, indeed.

EXPLICIT right out of the fucking gate.

The Rambling Podcast 01 — What The Hell Am I Doing?

As a continued effort to create more and diverse content, I’ve decided that the written word is not enough.

No. You all need to be allowed to bask in the glory of my smooth, silky, sexy, GERMAN ACCENT.

To that end, I’ve recorded a podcast, where I’ll talk about whatever comes to mind.

This episodes features a little bit about me, my stance on feminism (I am one), what I think about female characters and this silly idea of reboots. I also talk about the Writer Emergency Fiasco, and you can hear my parrots screeching in the background as if the house was on fire.

NSFW. I swear. It’s candid. It’s raw. I even slap my thigh at one point because I got too excited.


Stuff I mentioned I’ll link

Fiasco — Bully Pulpit Games

Writer Emergency Deck — Quote-Unquote Press

My Patreon — Become My Patron