Go Go Power Rangers

If you don’t know what the Power Rangers are, go to google now and learn.

As a kid, I used to love the original show. Yeah, it was cheesy and cheap and weird, but the idea of teenagers being chosen to become intergalactic warriors with powerful animal-mechs that can transform into one mega robot to destroy their hometown while saving it at the same time from some monster-turned-supermonster…. come on!

Now I stumbled on this little jewel. A short movie that takes the original concepts and brings it to dark, gritty, cyberpunk dystopia, where turning teenagers into weapons to fight a war against a machine uprising can only go bad for everyone.

The way they weave in bits and pieces of the original series, and create a narrative that makes sense in this dark vision of the Power Rangers, is beautiful.

I guess there actually is a full-length Power Rangers movie being made, and this little masterpiece is setting the bar very high for whatever studio is doing the official movie.

Check it out.