The Honeymoon; Act 2, Scene 8 — Mitch Slips Up

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“Why can’t you just stay out of my life, for fuck’s sake?” I kick the side of the church with my rented shoes, scuffing them up good. The useless woman of a mother twitches surprised at the bang that it makes.

She says, “My only child’s getting married, I have a right to be there for him.”

“Fuck you,” I say, pointing my finger right in her face. “When your only child got beaten to pulp by your dead-beat husband, you had the right to be there for your son! It was your fucking duty, mother!” I accidentally spit in her face saying it all enraged and shit.

My mother doesn’t look so good these days. Too skinny, with wrinkles cutting deep into her spotted skin. Not even her fourteen layers of make-up can cover her drug habit, no matter how much she tries.

“What’s he got you on these days,” I say when she turns away from me and my judging eyes. “Crystal? Crack-cocaine? Something new and colourful from the coast?”

I can see tears in her eyes, like my words can actually hurt her. Like anything I do could ever be of interest to that woman.

“I didn’t want to leave,” she says. “But your father…” Read More »

The Honeymoon; Act 2, Scene 7 — Sarah Takes Charge

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The longer I watch the people at my wedding, the more I want to get the hell out of here. Most guests are already drunk. They come up to our table and mumble some form of gratulation, their speech slurry, their faces droopy. Simple townsfolk, all know each other, and none have any aspiration to make something different of their lives. Ever.

God, what a bunch of losers. To think that I’ll spend the rest of my life among these small-town nobodies as good and quiet housewife…

Mitch puts a huge piece of barbecued meat in his mouth and leans back, rubbing his belly. With full mouth and smacking lips he says, “Your folks sure now how to roast a cow.” Then he continues to chew with open mouth.

If it wasn’t for the case full of cocaine (—am I really thinking that?—) I’d get up right now and leave. My girlfriends jokingly told me that, no matter how cool and romantic and nice a man is, once you get married, the man-pig comes out and the fun’s over. Looking at that animal picking at his teeth with his fingernail, I’d say they were right.

“Mitch,” I say, bumping him with my knee to get his attention. “When are we going to leave? The party is going well, everyone is fed—including you”—stare of death but he doesn’t notice—“and no one would notice if we—“

Out of nowhere, Barb interrupts me: “Notice what?” Shit. I look up.Read More »

In Preparation For Act 2 — The Honeymoon: Structure and Outline

Any writing projects comes with its challenges, and often, as the writer tries to figure out interesting ways to deal with all those challenges, sometimes ideas that seemed neat at the time, end up not working out so well.

In the case of The Honeymoon, I’m now facing the ugly truth that the original structure is not working as well as I’d hoped. Which is why it’s time to (drumroll)…Read More »

The Honeymoon — The Comic Concept Art

If you are one of the six people that listened to my recent podcast, or follow me on Facebook, you know that I’m working on a comic book, or graphic novel, version of The Honeymoon, together with my friend Lilian Shock (check out some of his work on Facebook and Deviant Art).

Today, he sent me a sketch each for the characters Nathan and Sarah. Check them out:Read More »

The Honeymoon; Act 1, Scene 6 — Mitch Is Committed

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Noon, Wedding Day

Nathan’s grabbing me by the hand and pulling me down the aisle.

“C’mon,” he says, “gotta get this over with fast.”

Needless to say, the wedding guests are looking at us more than confused. Honestly, I don’t even register most of what’s going on at this point. After Nate’s dumb-ass bachelor party, which lasted until the sun came up, it’s a miracle I’m even functioning as much as do. My head’s in the death-pinch of a nasty migraine, and a stale, rotten taste covers my tongue like the pelt of that animal that surely crawled down my throat to die. Fucking hangovers. Never again, I tell myself. Never a-fucking-gain.

So now I’m standing at the altar, and that old man with ashtrays for glasses looks at me.Read More »