NaNoWriMo 2015 — Update

One week from from now, NaNo officially starts.

I have joined the local (Calgary) NaNo group and hung out with some of them during a newcomer event, as well as a kickoff event. Next Saturday, the 31st, we’ll meet around 10pm for coffee and sugar, and start writing together comes midnight.

I’ve always found the notion of writing together a little weird—what with everyone sitting there together to be alone. But groups like this all over the (NaNo) world are doing this every year, so there must be something to it, no? I’m sure it’ll be fun.

We’ll be writing for about two hours until 1am—hang on, you say? Shouldn’t that be 2am? We’re turning the clocks back this weekend up here in the great wasteland of Canadia, so: fooled you!

So, have I prepared at all, you wonder? Indeed, I did. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ll most likely be picking up a piece of flash fiction to turn it into a novel. The Drop, it was called, which will probably be the title for the first part in the story. Of course, some things will change. Character names will change, as well as the details of their current mission (who their clients are).

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The Drop — Terra Zero Flash Fiction

Renner drops his skinny ass on the co-pilot’s seat next to Brook.

“Nice of you to show, Renner.”

“Nil sweat. My pleasure.” Renner’s smirking, and it just ruined her day for good. “All set back there. Everyone’s tugged in and ready to rumble.”

“Who’re we dropping?” Brook flips the switches and disengages the docking clamps. The thrusters fire a short burst, shaking the shuttle. Then it’s smooth sailing away from the station, and towards the grey planet that’s now mother earth.

“New guy. Some professor of metal-something-ornather. Said his instruments detected some sort of earthquake off the scales.”

“Aren’t they always off the scale?”

“I don’t bloody know. Said it might give better insights into what happened to earth.”

“Does it matter what happened to that place?”

That place,” says Renner, smacking his lips, Read More »