The Honeymoon; Act 1, Scene 3 — Mitch Makes A Deal

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Warning: More than usual explicit content


“Be a man,” my dad used to say. “Stop whining and suck it up,” is what he added, putting his belt back on. Me, little Mitchell, cowering in fear before the Goliath of my childhood. That asshole deserved to die when he did.

All grown up, and again forced to the ground in fear. Next to me, also on his knees, also scared shitless and of his mind, the man in cheap suit is whining like a little boy. Maybe that’s why I think of my father right now. Or it has something to do with his old gang buddies having both that man and myself on the ground with guns to our heads.

“This is ‘Lost Boy’ turf,” says the fat guy in too-tight leather vest and fatigues. Read More »

The Honeymoon; Act 1, Scene 2 — Nathan Plays Big

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Night Before The Wedding…

Nothing beats a night at the strippers, especially if it’s a guy’s last night as free man.

“Can’t believe you’re getting hitched, man,” I say to my buddy Mitch. One of the dancers, with the original name ‘Missy’, circles her ass on his lap, and her nipples are right in front of his face.

“Sarah’s a great girl,” he says half laughing, distracted by the view. He picks up his glass from the small table next to him. I do the same, and together we drink to the future.

“Tomorrow,” I say with still some beer in my mouth, “me and you’re gonna be brothers!”

He laughs, washes down the last of his brew, and smashes the glass back on the table. Missy on his lap attempts to get up, but I intercept and stuff another bill into the side of her too-thin panties. That changes her mind quick, and she’s back rubbing her goddessness all over Mitch.Read More »