Eternal Night

I’ve started working on a short story sort-of-thing late last night. The first part is done. The idea behind this is more a training exercise in the craft, not the art. I’m trying to play around with a switching point of view and a-whole-lot mrs dialogue than I usually use. I find dialogue in written stories awkward; something I need to learn to get better at. This is my first attempt on that.  So, without further rambling about, here it is.


They say, “The night is darkest just before the dawn.” Beautiful, though a cliche. It makes me imagine a rising sun on a burning horizon. I think of a glimpse of morning light, of hope, after all seemed lost. I think of a phoenix soaring towards the new born dawn. Leaving a trail of glowing ashes. But there won’t be a dawn.

This is the year of the eternal night. The sky is thick. So thick, the air underneath this blanked of ash and dust hurts to breath in. You cling to every breath you can find, as if it was your child. Your most precious accomplishment. When you have to let go of it, you always seem to lose just a little more of yourself.

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