Free Demo Read (Intro + First Chapter)

In case you missed (and it was sort of hidden in the last post), I offered a free read of the Intro and the First Chapter of that first draft of my upcoming novel for anyone to read.

It’s right here, available as epub, mobi, pdf.


Tell me what you think. Share it if you like it.

Exclusive Demo Chapter

I’ve just published a full chapter of my upcoming Urbane (Dark) Fantasy book for all of my Patrons supporting me at

Sign up for as little as $1, show your love and support for me as a starting author, and get an exclusive, early look at my biggest project, yet.

(The chapter is offered as .pdf, and only visible to patrons on my patreon campagin page.)

Also, for those of you receiving email notifications for my blog, ignore the recent new-post notification regarding Behind The Scenes Act 1 Scene 4, that only says Bla bla bla in the content. I prepared Monday’s post for the next scene, and hit publish instead of save. So. There. Derp.

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